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Where Vulnerability, Transparency, and Accessibility Thrive

What we are about

Connecting Pastors and five-fold ministry leaders in kingdom authority

developing healthy Father/Son relationships

inspiring them to reproduce the same in their spiritual sons and daughters

LMN was founded in the heart of God

The Founding of Legacy Ministry Network

Janna and I were in a meeting of Pastors with Bishop Tony Miller (who had been my spiritual father for 7 years at that point.) As he was closing our final service, he suddenly began to prophesy over us.

That moment was one of the most powerful moments I have experienced in our lives. We could clearly sense the power and significance of the moment, but we weren't able to clearly understand what we were to do with that powerful word.

We continued to revisit the recorded prophecy and it seemed as if there was a block. That is until Bishop Tony Miller suddenly passed away in early 2021.

As we gathered the day after his funeral, his wife, Pastor Kathy came into the room where the directors were meeting. I will never forget her words, "Guys, you have all been wonderful sons in Bishop's life and I'm deeply grateful for each of you. Now go be Fathers!" Those 4 words went in me like a bolt of lightning from heaven. When we concluded the meeting I went back to the prophecy that I had listened to many times before.

This time was different, the timing for the word caused our hearts to open and we clearly saw what the word was leading into as if a road map had been unveiled from heaven. It was clear that this network was birthed in heaven. We then sought and received Pastor Kathy's blessing as well as the directors we were serving with and we began to launch Legacy Ministry Network!

-Dwayne & Janna Deskins

“The Kingdom of God advances through”relationships."

- Bishop Tony Miller

Where our relational connections thrive

A Covenant Community


Jesus Christ is the Truth

Covenant Relationships

God unites Himself with humanity through covenants


Wholeness cannot be achieved without a relationship


The holy spirit alone can produce unity

Generosity / Stewardship

Giving is a demarcation of every christ-follower

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